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Oct 31, 2007
Maricopa, AZ
I'm looking for an honest estimate in time of how long it takes to go from PHX to Moab, UT. I'm going to be taking my stock geared FJ62 3FE with 33x12.50's up from AZ to UT to CO and back to AZ by way of UT or NM in September for the GABF and I'm just looking at how to best estimate my the time of travel other than slow.
On my way back from Cruise Moab I did it in 6 1/2 hours, but I was moving pretty good. Stopped for gas and I was gone, no screwing around. Speed limit or slower, I would guess 7 1/2 to 8 hours. On the freeway, Denver to Alb(I-25) is 6 hours, Alb to Phoenix(I-40, I-17) is another 6 hours. But these are all actual drive times.
Whats GABF?
Thanks for the quote AZRider. Those times seem quite reasonable. I'm more worried about going up to UT/CO with the stock 3FE and gears with 33x12.50's. I'm already a slug going to Flagstaff/Heber.
2,100 beers served. Thats alot of good tasting beer!! How could you possibly choose?? You're going to have a dilema on your hands.:beer:
If you're doing such a big trip in your 62, I would consider saving the pennies for a re-gear before you go. But im sure you already thought about that.
I did think about it, but I also have another toy which gets a lot more summer time play. Her name is 2000 Camaro SS :grinpimp:
Anyone else have a time quote going from AZ to UT/CO with a 3FE?
I just figure it's a travel day. The mileage was 478.78 from the Bowen Hotel to my house in Chandler. The big climbs are before Flagstaff, more flatish after that.

Your going to Moab to drink beer, no exploring/wheeling? :eek::frown::confused::censor::whoops:
I dont even know why you really bother asking the CSC guys about drive times. Hell, Kevin could make it a full day trip just going to Costco to eat a wiener and window shop for his next pair of sneakers.
I would say 7-7 1/2 to Moab. Moab to denver is 5-6 and Denver to Alb is 6-7 with 6-7 to Phx from Alb. I wouldn't worry too much about the truck unless you are going from moab to denver otherwise your highest elevation is in Flag. I would say that I have done the drive to Denver from Phx a LOT and my best time was 12.5 and worst was 14 but it always seemed that something ended up making it around 14hrs.
... pair of sneakers.

Your shoe fetish/jealousy is becoming worrisome, maybe have moma up your supply of happy pills?
I'm jealous man! I was this close on going to GABF this year!!! Enjoy and drink a few ouncers for me! :cheers:

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