moab 9/22, 9/23

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Feb 21, 2013
Hi, my wife and i are planning our first legitmate off road excursion and should be in moab on the posted dates. We were curious if any other mud cruisers were planning to attend? Also, for those that are familiar with the terrain Im open to suggestions for a good wheeling map, points of interest, places to avoid, and other wheeling tips. I have an fj80 with new 35's a two inch lift, a custom bumper for maximum approach/armor, and a 12k winch. I do not have a cage, or front/rear lockers. Advice, and trail friends welcome! Dale
I can't help ya out too much but also looking for the same advise. I will be down Columbus Day though so I can't join ya. From my research fins and things seems like a fun intermediate trail that I was planning on trying out.

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