Minnesota Toyota Taconite Trailride, Sept 20-23 2007

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Three on the Tree
Nov 5, 2003
Forest Lake MN
This is our first annual TLCA event. So mark your calandars. More info on the way.
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On the Trail Team calendar....Gilbert is a GREAT place, you should have an excellent turnout for this!!
The wife and I are going there when we go to Duluth in Aug.(around the middle). I wish we could a month later!
Here is some additional information about the

Minnesota DNR Page

The park is situated about 3 hours north of Minneapolis/St. Paul, near the town of Gilbert, MN. Camping will be at the Sherwood Forest Campground, which is literally 2 blocks off of main street in Gilbert. The campground has RV sites, Bathrooms, and Hot (or warm) Showers.
http://www.gilbertmn.org/sherwood forest.htm

The campground is connected to the park by a dirt road. No need to trailer your rig to the park, or even drive it on pavement.

The park itself is approx 1,200 acres. It is made up mostly of mine tailings. That means lots and lots of Rocks. In addition to world class rock crawling, there are easy wooded trails, hill climbs, mud, and sand. Everything from Stock to Rock will find plenty to play on.

Trail rides will be guided. There will be a raffle and dinner as well.

If we are lucky Northern Minnesota will be in full fall color and it is spectacular :bounce:

Any Questions? Post up here or visit our website at www.mntoyx4.com

Here are some photo albums
Where do I sign up?
The adds in the Trails look good!

Where do I sign up?

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I'd love to go. Will this be on the calender in 2008? I have not been in Minnesota in 20 years. Maybe combined with a Boundry Waters canoe trip?
I wish this event didn't clash with Flat Nasty on the same weekend because I would definitely make the trip north. Keep that in mind for next year.
Just a reminder it's getting close. Plenty of room left, we have lots of great trails.
looks like i was updating in the wrong place...i have another post in the sanctioned events section, anyways

everything is lined up and ready to go....get your registrations to me as soon as you can or just show up when you can and register at the campground...im pretty sure im going to be heading up there thursday...weve learned some things for next year already and yes we will be trying to make sure we do not double with ANY other TLCA event for next year...our biggest issue with the timing is we want to try and keep it around our change of colors... we may bump it out a week or 2 but on average that is about the time it hits peek up there...speeking of the color change...the leaves have started to change and if you want to see the fall color report click on the link below


we will see you there

if you have any question contact me
I'm getting ready to have a good time come and join us for the 1st T3

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