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Oct 28, 2002
Western Massachusetts
I picked up a set of Michelin XML 325/85R16, not exactly what I was hoping for in terms of condition for the price.... but for a cupped tire, this thing is round and vibration free, even unbalanced at 60mph. If you want a big tire that may (?) be good offroad, yet can handle the street, this may be it. I seriously think my 315/75R16 MTR tires may be louder. :eek:

yo, I need some of those where did you find them and how much are we talking. I always swore I'd have LAV tires on a cruiser of mine. :D :D
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I have been looking for a set of them tires too. Keep us updated. Also exactly how tall are they aired up and mounted? [/quote]
Cruiserrg ain't the only one wondering. Info?
Any more info on the Mchelins? Let us know where and how much $$$ Thanks
man, I'm getting ancy :D :D
They go for $150 - $200 a tire depending on condition. I paid $150/... they are hard to come by used, and were once quite a bit cheaper. The people I purchased them from are up in Montreal... the info Michele Knautz 450 424 2399 mknautz@total.net. I have decided not to use them, for now. Sooooo, if anyone wants them, they can buy them for the $600 I paid. They go right on any 16" wheel, even a 7", though they fit an 8" or 9" much better.
you got any mounted dimensions (height and width) for us, might be interested in buying, got pics? :D

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