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Mar 31, 2004
A while back, the buggers gained entry through the steering shaft, now protected with row steel bolt on cover. However, they had a fun time in the hvac ducting, making babies and such. I have had the dash and ducts out 3 x, used frigi fresh in the condenser multiple times, but still have smell of urine coming through vents. Also cleaned under cowl, which was mice free, and vacuumed the bottom heater duct, back seat heater out, etc. What else am I missing? I've searched the forums but could not find the answer. Many thanks!
and Men

Try a pet store and look for an enzymatic neutralizer. No personal experience, just thinking.

Then, get a cat.
In my case, the mice lived in the radiator. It took me hours to blow and flush the mouse droppings and seed shells out. Sorry, other than sympathy I have nothing to offer. Don't get a cat, though. Cat urine smell is hard to get rid of as well.
Thx. Mice are long gone and not coming back (parked at my rural weekend house in a field one year, since sold). The question is what else should I be disassembling to find the remaining crap...?

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