Metberry Gulch Trail Run April 18

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Sep 8, 2005
Colorado Springs CO
The Calendar shows the next trail run to be led by Chuck. Meeting time and place is Western gas station on Rt 24 just before Woodland Park at 8:30 AM, leave at 9:00 AM.

Supposed to be a nice trail. Scenic and not very hard. - Metberry Gulch

Sign me up, I've never seen it before.

4/18 Metberry Gulch 8:30/9:00@West Chuck W.

David M
I am ready for a trail run for sure. I have invited a couple of new people over the past couple of weeks. Both of them drive FJ60's so I hope they make it on this run.
I'll be there with my trusty "red rust rocket" '88 pickup. The wife showed interest in bringing her cherokee, and might have another friend in a wrangler. All depending on the snow I suppose.

Metberry is pretty steep on the bottom end, anyone ever wheeled this trail in the snow? The thought of sliding sidways on those slopes doesn't excite me. Guess I'll go check the forcast.
I wheeled it in the snow many years ago during my pre-locker days. Put chains on the rear and had no problems, even on the steep hill. The hill was moguled out, too.
Metberry in the Snow...and "traction" tires

I have videos taken about 10 years ago when the club was there and had about 6" of snow. Fun times.

This is also about the time we learned about how to find out which tires are your "traction" tires and to put the chains on those 2 tires. Who needs lockers? :bounce:

Be sure to ask Goslow, Norm, Andy or me about this technique!

<------has no chains for his '88 pickup. ha ha. heard more weather reports, sounds like it's supposed to snow pretty good either friday night or saturday sometime. unfortunately, that probably rules out my '88 making the trip......might have to catch a ride with justin.
Oh come on Luke, I have a new winch that has not yet been used. I need to try out some of the different winching techniques.
I'll most likely show up. Not like I have to worry about rocket's paint job and body panels. :lol: I just know I won't be able to get moving again if the group stops. Might just turn around at the power lines or something.

It's really frustrating that I bought chains this year specifically for a trail run like this, and now my rig is down on the only day of the year I would have needed them. :mad: Hmmmm, I wonder how much sawzall work is required to get 35's on an '88 toyota with no lift??? Oh well, off to the garage to do more work on the new motor!!!:wrench:
I'm thinking maybe we need to postpone this trip till next weekend........It's well over twelve inches here in woodland park, can't even guess how deep metberry is.
It doesn't bother me if the snow rubs on my axles?
Been out on Rampart tonight, the snow is more than knee deep in a lot of places......Bring it on!!!! I'm not scared to bury my ride on the snow.......
Just helped the neighbor get unstuck from in front of my house. The table on the deck has two feet or more. Oh ya it's still snowing. I will definitely be snow wheeling in the morning.
I'd love to make it tomorrow - though not sure the gulch is the best idea! But threw a CEL on the way home :( If I could find a damn paperclip ...

Are you going to make it this morning?

If we decide Metberry is not a good trail to run today we can find something else to run. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that there is much less snow at the gulches though.
Well, Chuck, my daughter Claire, and I were the lone warriors on the April club run. Though I'm not sure how many rigs you need to have to call it a club run, I think two might have fallen a little short.

Chuck and I met up at the Autozone after no one showed at the normal meeting spot, I was there buying a set of chains to fit my otherwise bald 31 inch tires. We talked about whether or not there might be too much snow out toward metberry, but decided it was worth a shot to see how far we could get.

When we got to the beginning of FSR 360, we stopped so chuck could air down and I could strap on my chains. We had an ATV with a snowplow come up on us, and since we were blocking the road, they tried to go around us in the deeper shoulder of the trail. The end result was the ATV being high centered, and chuck getting to use his strap for the first time of the day.

The snow on FSR 360 was rather deep, but with chuck breaking the trail, my '88 pickup somehow was able to keep up--most of the time pushing a wall of snow up in front of it. We were the first 4x4's to make tracks, and I have to say the scenery was spectacular. I was pretty amazed it was still snowing, filling in our tracks as we left them behind.

The snow got quite a bit deeper in the valley just before the trailhead, usually resulting in my rig sliding into the washed out portion of the trail. I would stuff what's left of my toyota into the snow, plow it over the corner of the hood, and the little truck would just keep going. Claire thought this was particularly funny, and was egging me on to keep finding deeper snow.

We finally reached the trailhead and not suprisingly, the snow was a couple inches less than what we had been dealing with. The trail looks totally different covered in this amount of snow, and we ended up losing track for a minute. After figuring out which direction we needed to go, Chuck had a bit of trouble getting lined up and ended up in the bottom of a wash, giving him the perfect opportunity to try out his new milemarker winch. We had to move a downed tree to save pretty penny's paint job, and after that, Chuck was nice enough to make a second attempt at a better line so I could follow the ruts and would not end up stuck at the bottom behind him.

We made it all the way to the overhead power lines, just before the steeper part of the trail. It was very cool to see the snow and mist blowing over the rock outcroppings below. We stopped and ate lunch, and decided that the rest of the trail would probably be pretty tough to climb back out of. I think we would have done well, but it would have been at the expense of the landscape.

The way out was much of the same. I finally ended my streak and wound up stuck against a downed tree. Chuck pulled around me and poked fun about my parking job. The strap came out, but the little truck proved to be stuck pretty good, and the big FJ was spinning tires trying to move it. This required some work with a snow shovel, and once there was hard ground to grab, I was pulled back up on the road. I think I might have scratched my truck, but couldn't tell with all the rust.

We made our way out on FSR 360, the snow had almost filled our tracks in completely in places--and had gotten a couple inches deeper. Some unlucky fellow in a jeep wrangler had gotten himself buried in the middle of the road, and left it there abandoned. That might have been better as he didn't have to see us laughing as we drove around it.

All told it was a great day, I think we all had a good time. There was no damage, and we both only got stuck once!!

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