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Apr 1, 2006
Loveland, CO

Let's start with the good news. We had a pretty good turn-out for the meeting. Our trail run this month will be Ballard logging road on March 13th, we will be meeting at 9:00 am at JJ's keep in mind that that is the day for daylight savings to begin so don't oversleep. :crybaby: Now for the bad news CRYSTAL MTN TRAIL IS CLOSED for the 2011 season and possibly indefinatly. :doh: The State owns a small portion of land at the begining of the trail where they are placing a locked gate which blocks our (and the Forest Services) access! Appearentlly they have leased out the land and it is part of their contract to restrict access. The State contact person regarding this issue is: David Rodenberg who is the Front Range District Manager He can be reached by phone at (303) 861-3702 or Fax (303) 861-1033 or E-mail Everyone is encouraged to contact him with your opinions and suggestions regarding this issue. On the brite side there is talk with the Forest Service about the possibilty of creating a new access trail that would skirt the State Property:bang: if we can get past the red tape involved. This will be a large undertaking and we will keep you informed about the progress. The Forest service is also dealing with the beatle kill problem which right now means they have to clear-cut Chambers Lake and Long Draw, Greenridge trail is still up in the air. As volunteers we will be offered a Hazard Class for Beetle Kill more details as they become available. Last but not least, We are planning a trip to Ouray!!! The week of July 24th, it will be a great trip to bring the whole family as we usally stay at the Four J's campground which is across the river (and a small foot bridge) from the Hot Spings Pool. It is also a conveinent walk to all the shops and restuarants in town. They have restrooms with showers and great family atmosphere, and it is not unusual to see deer walking thru camp. So mark your calendars and get the time off from your boss! It should be a wonderful trip. :bounce::bounce2:

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