Medano Pass road condition update

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Seeking higher vistas
Jun 11, 2005
Colorado Springs
I checked the Current Road Conditions which states, as of 11 June, the road over the pass remains closed.

Any suggestions for a June trail ride, which should be this coming Saturday, 18 June?

OR do we want to postpone a week and see if Medano Pass opens ?
I know it's a little bit of a trek for you guys in the Springs, but I'll be running Pole Hill up near Estes Park with another guy on Saturday. Pretty tame trail and we'll have kiddos with us, but anyone is welcome to join us.
As of today, 6/14, Medano is reported "Fully open". Tracy, if you're willing to lead, I'll bring up the rear.
Poll results are 2 votes for Reynolds Wrap, 1 vote for Medano Pass.

I viewed this thread before viewing the poll results--I had inferred from @Grimeless statement, above, that Medano was overwhelmingly preferred.
It is posted as a new thread--June trail ride, Reynolds Wrap on Saturday June 18th

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