Mechanical fuel pump install?

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May 24, 2005
NE Indiana
For the last couple weeks i have been having an intermittent engine cutting out problem. Engine sputters for a while then goes away. I replaced the fuel filter before the hoedown and didn't have a problem until driving back to the campground Saturday after wheelin. On the way home on Sunday while checking inside the trailer I noticed a steady stream of gas coming from the fuel pump, it seemed to be coming from every where around the pump. It was a stream that required the sacrifice of a rug, a towel, a pillow and a laundry basket to catch the gas until I got home. So my question, doesn't the piece in the engine that actuates the pump run off of the cam? If so, shouldn't I be able to bump the engine over to give the arm coming out of fuel pump room to install it? I have bumped the engine 5-6 times and what ever that is inside the block doesn't seem to move in at all to allow room for the pump arm.
I know, real basic stuff here but what am I missing?
There's always some pressure on the arm. If there wasn't it would make noise and wear fast as the cam smacked the arm. You have to use some of that strength to push in a little while you try to line the bolts up.

Can there be less resistance by bumping the motor over to a certain point?
Yes. It's got a lowest spot. It's cam driven so you might have to go more than 360 degrees of crank travel.

Okeedokee, thank you Mister Ballard!

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