Mechanic in Wilmington

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Oct 22, 2006
Wilmington, NC
Hey Guys,

I have been on MUD for a while, but I never truly introduced myself. Sorry. I am looking for a recommendation for a good mech in Wilmington for my 72 FJ. I have a couple of oil leaks that I don't have time to repair myself. Any help would be great. Thanks Chris
Your 40 wouldn't have happened to be at WB this weekend, would it? I saw a nice brown one with a soft top this weekend...
I was down there, but that wasn't mine. I have a green 72 with 35 MT Baja's on it. I did see the brown one. His is in a little better shape.
Here is a picture a few months ago down at Carolina Beach.
Did you ever find a local mechanic in Wilmington area? I have 2 FJ60's need to swap out engines and need to find someone thanks and I'll look for you on North End, 83 / 85 Red FJ60
I live in wilmington but I do not know of a good place to get your cruiser worked on. I don't don't trust andybody towork on my cruiser excpet me:) I will be out on the North end this summer so I will look for some of you guys from the Wilmington area out there.

Id call Shannons Auto on Greenfield St. downtown. Hes a big Ford guy, but he used to have some Toyotas back in the day. They been around for awhile, and are pretty familiar with 4wheel drive toyotas. Saw a 40 in a garage off Castle St the other day, looked like it was an employees truck and they were working on it, down from the ABC store on 17th and Castle.
Thanks, will give them a call.... Toy of Wilm wanted 2300 for engine swap.... not going that route or expense..... pending cost may try to take it on myself....
I play cards tonite with a guy that has a restored 40. Was going to ask him if he has ever used anybody around town. I'll let you know if he knows anybody.

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