McGrew campout July 29th

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Dec 23, 2002

I like to hit McGrew every other year... and that is this year. July 29th. While the trail is technically closed, the folks coordinating are very sure they have their permit and will use the both the trail and the road to access Sourdough depending upon your schedule and preference.

this is a campout...not an event. Yes, pot luck Saturday night but no T-shirts or other event type stuff.

There is a thread in the Jefferson State Cruisers page here on Mud.

Just checking... and FYI.

Oh, there is also forest service road access for those who feel their truck is not trail worthy or do not want the associated pin striping.
Rolando, Jpr Ron, Ranger Jeff and I meet in O'Brien to run the trail Friday. In typical fashion, Ron and Rolando arrive as I am pulling in. Perfect. Jeff arrives shortly there after and notes needing to go to Cave Junction for food. Knowing he never had anything of value and I bought extra beer for him, we dissuade him from Cave J and say lets go. Jeff notes needing gas and heads over to the pumps. I start up, drive through the parking lot, pull out on the side road towards the trail head...and already I have lost Jpr Ron. I wait... then head to the trail head where I begin airing down. I figure those guys are following Jeff. A short while later, I can hear Jeff coming up the road and as he pulls up (without Ron and Rolando), he asks 'Where did those guys go'? What???? Ya Jeff says, they took off West of Hwy 199!!!!

Meanwhile, Jpr Ron finally realizes something does not feel right, stops Rolando and states 'We need to head back quickly and catch Jeff at the gas pump'!!! Well when they get back to O'Brien, now Jeff is gone. I guess they asked some homeless guy who set them on the right direction.

It was hot. The trail was awesome but we started at 1 PM and it was hot those days.

Saturday, we have Shangra La all to ourselves. Awesome swimming hole. Lots of fish, excellent water. For those of you who do not know, the Smith River is the last untamed river in the US and the #2 cleanest water in the world. If you run this trail with Jeff and I, you will learn and many more fun facts.

So swimming, Jpr Ron opts not to get in the water and falls asleep in his chair along the river. Remember, this is a deep hole. At one point, he wakes up, forgets where he is, does a Whoa Whoa Whoa and falls in to the river. We have not laughed so hard in a long time.

The potluck Saturday night was awesome as usual and great to see all our N. CA and OR friends.

Sunday was forest service road (new) back to Gaskuet, a quick stop at Jeff's to change a flat tire, and homeward bound.

A most excellent trip.

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