Maya Rally "End of the World" Edition

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Nov 12, 2009
Hi everyone!

I have been around this forum on/off for a while now, and after meeting Woody at SEMA he suggested I posted our upcoming event in this section.

We are putting together a fun scavenger hunt throughout Mexico in December 2012 to coincide with the "End of the World" prediction....think GumBall 3000 meets Mexico and throw a bit of offloading in it.

The official departure is in Guanajuato on 12/12/12 and the final party will be around Bacalar on 12/21/12. In between, we are setting up a lot of activities so people can enjoy the best Mexico has to offer!

The rally is open to any type of vehicle and the route between stages is left open to participants, although we will suggest some scenic/4x4 section.

Entry fee is low at $300 and will barely suffice to cover the expenses for the beginning and end parties and camps....but that's the end of the world so we will put the balance on my credit card...


If you are interested in more details, check the Maya Rally website:

The Maya Rally

This article also does a good job to give an overview of the event

Maya ?End of the World? Rally targets RVers and overlanders - National RVing |

or feel free to send me a pm, or post a question here!

Hope to see you there!


p.s.: Full disclosure - I am related with Expedition Portal where we host the discussions around the rally but this is a distinct event that a small group of us is putting together as we thought it would be a fun way to celebrate the end of the world! And if we do survive, we will be heading to Belize for Christmas!
Thanks for posting! I really wish that my vacation schedules would permit me to go. It's gonna be an awesome event with incredible people! I look forward to living vicariously through your group.

Until the next Ten-Q!
Just a quick update - things are shaping up nicely.

We have about 15-20 vehicles so far and there are still a few spots available. It would be awesome to have a couple guys from ih8mud on board...!


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