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Nov 27, 2007
British Columbia, Canada

I'm looking at an HDJ81 these guys have for sale:


I'm just a bit suspicious about the price, as Outback Imports is more expensive- I appreciate Outback does an extensive inspection with repair/replacement, but these guys claim to do a fairly detailed inspection too.

Does anyone have any experience with Maximum Overdrive? I'd love to hear from you before parting with any of my hard-earned $$.

go and walk thru the alley and see their " extensive inspection " they are off of #3 road at cambie , go have a sniff around and check it out .
Thanks toynut... I'm from the Okanagan but will be coming to Van this upcoming weekend. I'll take a look around and see what I can see. I work with a guy who bought his HDJ81 through Outback and he's really happy with it. I see it in the parkade in the mornings and I'm quite envious. :crybaby:

I get a good "feeling" talking to the guys from Outback, too, for what that's worth. They did say they will start to prep your vehicle only after receiving the deposit and it will take a week or two, but it seems worth the wait.

Anyway, I'll keep you all posted on how this goes. Hopefully I will be rolling in a brand "new" HDJ81 shortly!
My friend bought two LC from Maximum Overdrive 2 years ago, 74 series and a Prado, and has been driving both without any problems so far. The owner comes to Cruiser Days every year and is a very nice guy. Rob Milson used to inspect his trucks back when he had his shop just around the corner. Ask him about this dealer.
Maximus, call me and we can chat about possible maintenance expenses that might come with an used HDJ81.
my work number is 604 244 9323 (marcin)

go and walk thru the alley and see their " extensive inspection " they are off of #3 road at cambie , go have a sniff around and check it out .

I post a concern about this quite some time ago. Now,I think to be fair, sloppy shops can become good shops and good shops can become sloppy shops. Macimus, I thinlk you need to go and look for yourself. After you have test driven it and your instinct tells you everything is good, then you need to get the vehicle independently inspected by a qualified shop. This does not mean BCAA. You will want a compression/leak down test done and a good evaluation of the fuel system. BTW, Biodiesel and diesel additives can mask fuel system problems. These can be expensive to repair. So it is worth it to drop $300-400 for a complete independent inspection. You might also ask him why he doesn't replace the injector pump seals and inspect the injectors.

I am sure Marcin will be able to give you a lot of helpful info. So make sure you call him. Good luck.

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