Max load for AHC LC100

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Jul 30, 2009
Hello guys

First a quick update on my AHC issues. I checked connection without results. Now booked at specialist. Hopefully should be sorted.

Been checking the french LC website and the consensus is that AHC does not accept more than 500kgs load. Beyond that suspension moves to low. they also say that if used on rallye raid, fluid in AHC overheats.

Seems the issue was never bought up on IH8MUD. Did you guys figure out a fix ?


Maximum load is pretty easy to work out. Just look up the Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) and the Kerb Weight of your vehicle. The difference is the maximum load you can "safely carry".

For example, my 1998 LX470 has a Kerb Weight of 2525 Kg, and a GVM of 3260 Kg. Therefore the maximum load I should carry is 735 Kg, including passengers and cargo, or about 500 Kg excluding passengers, roughly. Kerb Weight includes fuel, usually.
Curb weight - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Gross vehicle weight rating - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Of course, my Lexus now weighs 3200 Kg with a full fuel load and me in it, but nothing else, due to all the extra gear I have installed. That is why I changed the rear springs, tightened up the torsion bars, and lowered the pressure in the AHC.

The suspension damping does struggle with the extra weight, of course, and the suspension may momentarily compress more than desireable. But as long as the Actuator Spheres and AHC pump are in good condition the vehicle will raise up again.

Yes, the fluid can get hot if the AHC is worked hard, and because hot fluid is thinner, the AHC pump doesn't work as well. Mine still seems to work okay. Any suspension that gets worked hard is going to get hot, and if it uses oil as a medium (rather than gas) that will change the performance of the shock absorber noticeably.

No problem here. Nothing to see. Move along. ;)
If you carry heavy weight or tow only some of the time, consider adding airbags. If you carry heavy weight most of the time, consider changing the springs/t-bar. If you are tired of messin' with it and want something reliable and simple, swap out the AHC for traditional suspension.

One more alternative is swapping the rear springs for airbags. Dinibili did a nice write-up. This is not a cheap route either.

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