Marker, license, cluster lights out - need help

Jul 7, 2017
Houston, TX
Hello all - I have a problem that I could use some help with. All of my lights were working until last week when I had some work done on one of my ambulance doors. I hooked the license plate lights back up after the work was complete and I think that I did it incorrectly. The taillight fuse was blown and now the marker lights, license plate lights and cluster lights will not work. Headlights, turn signals and reverse lights all function. Also, my oil pressure gauge just stopped working. I’m not sure if that is related. All other gauges are working. I changed the taillight fuse and the lights will not come back on. When I try to turn on the markers now, there is a spark at the taillight fuse but the new fuse doesn’t blow. Any ideas of how I should troubleshoot this? I saw from another post that it could be the taillight switch? Where do I find this switch and how do I test it? Or should I just order a new taillight switch? Thanks!

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