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Nov 30, 2005
Seattle WA
FSM "field service manual" is this a toyota service manual or other vendor?
What manuals are recommended for a 85 fj60?
I beleive I read the 81 toyota emission manual is for all the 60's?
She is a leaker so I think I will jump in with both feet and go after the front and rear main seal, pan gasget. Exhaust manifold gasket. I have only owned her for a few hours and do not have a manual to look at so I am sure there will be other related gaskets and such. I need to put some time in the seat and some miles on her and start a list of functional todo's.

Also, are there mail order parts folks on the site or do I go chain store or dealer for quality? Would rather support the brotherhood if reasonable and quality then give to the big boys.

Thanks, Jim

new owner of a 85 fj60 183K basically stock.
Welcome Jim, use the search generously and you'll find the phone number for Toyota to buy the FSM. It's a must and they'll help you determne which you need.

For parts use cdan on this board. Look under vendors and you'll get a nice discount from Dan. You can also find lots that you'll need in the for sale section, need something? Post in the wanted section.
Yes, the '81 emissions manual is good for all 60's.
There are actually 3 more to be exact.
But for your purposes, you want the 2F Engine Repair Manual. The pub# for mine is 36104.
The other is a Chassis & Body Manual, pub# 36262E or 36044E.
There's also a Maintenance Manual but it's largely just for interest.

As for sourcing, try Cdan on this board. Hopefully they're still available.

You can also order a Haynes #92056 from most parts stores.

Thanks, I'll be on the phone in the AM. After I get some time in the seat I will get a parts list togeather.
She needs some undercarriage power washing and scrubbing before she gets put on the stands.

Definitely contact CruiserDan. Contact him by PM or look in the vendors section for his 800#. He works for American Toyota in Albequerque NM, and his prices for IH8MUD members is usually cheaper than you can get aftermarket parts for.


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