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Jan 12, 2011
Folk with a female's upper body strength...
will have no appreciation ;)

Well... I couldn't afford to purchase 'da gas struts, that I want,
'least for 'da moment...
and I'm not real excited about using a whittling stick to hold 'dis lid up.

sooo.... In a last minute effort, to come up with something...

I made up a couple mechanical lid support rods that will stow away when not in use.
They will fold up, flush into the lid's frame work.

There are two opposing support rods mounted at each end of the trailer's lid...

The forward support is for securing, when opening from the passenger side
and rearward support is for securing, when opening from the drivers side.
a single rod at either end, seems more then strong enough.

The 1/2" steel rod is Zinc coated , with a welded on "T" and two large nuts welded onto the lid's (inner) frame work,
The nuts act as a pivot/mount for the "T" rod upper end(s).
The nuts are tacked good... but not fully welded...
I may need to cut this stuff back off... down the road a bit.

When the lid is in the lifted position, the lower end of the "T" rod easily slides into the steel elbow that is welded to the flat stock,
one each, inboard, both ends of the trailer.
The elbow(s) are a little obtrusive and ugly...
and there are likely better ways...
But as ugly as these 90* elbows might look...
they were local, inexpensive, seemed fairly stout... had possibility ?
just had to ream out the insert opening to 1/2" ID. and weld it.

Most likely I'll pin the lower rod ends (at the elbow)... to keep the rod(s) from pulling out in the event of a wind gust.

A simple tab secures the rod end(s) in their stowed position...
There is some flex to the rod, so that the rod cannot slide far enough over to drop off the tab.

To remove the rod from it's stay...
with your hand, push the rod to the direction of the tab's opening... and it easily drops out's not a difficult thing to do, tho' maybe a little awkward while yer trying to hold the lid up at the same time.

...still wanting to do gas struts, tho'

this is better then using 'dat wood stick tho' :D

maybe a lil' stronger :dunno:

some pics... (though not so good, 'cause it was getting dark out) :(

finished product...



Upper end(s) "T" rod pivot mount


Lower Rod end, mount/perch (90* gas fitting)



Rod Stow/Securing tab (lower rod stay)...


These pics depict the free play of the "T" rod/mount.
there is some slack at the "T", where they reside in the nuts.
but, the tension on the rod will not allow it to slide over to the side of the tab's opening, the "T" rod's tension keeps the lower end from moving too far and falling out.



"T" rod stowed...


This pic shows a clear plastic tubing slid onto the rod's lower end,
It's located where lower rod end rests on the tab/stay when stowed.
it is meant to keep the lower end of the rod from rattling around, due it's free play.

I will also be using some bumpstops to keep the rod end from moving around, making contact or noise.



cost $ 15.00 for 'dis homebrew :)


omnia mea mecum porto
Nov 8, 2004
Very ingenious eh simplicity is a good think..
BTW one of four struts I bought from McMaster crapped out...
Aug 26, 2009
down in a hole.
necessity is mama to invention, laze is papa to ingenuity....good work:popcorn:
Oct 16, 2004
Nice idea,, return the struts to McMaster they are guarnteed unless abused. dont take no for an answer, any problems with the exchange let me know by PM and ill get them back for ya. Jim

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