Making space *All new unopened boxes*

May 14, 2006
Making space FJ40 etc *All new unopened boxes*

Neeeeeeeeeeeeeed the space so its gotta go.
All of this has been in sealed storage since DEC. 06


Two, 5144015 $490 shipped to the 48: Black denim soft top

One, 5144315 $699 shipped to the 48: Black denim soft with 1pc doors

Six sets, 5177415 $450 shipped to the 48: 2 pc black denim doors


8 units, 6 offroad ignition box $235 shipped

*These came in Feb 07*

15 units, Yellow top Optima D34/78 $186 + shipping from 21223
Batteries are 46lbs, well thats what the boxes say.

I dont take paypal, thank scammers. Just send me a USPS money order (federal issue if I fail to deliver goods)

Send me an email, take the spaces out, fj40guy @
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