SOLD Maine: 1978 FJ40

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  1. 40 Series
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not mine, i drove up to Maine and checked it out, pretty solid truck that runs good and interior is really good, truck came out of Arizona so not an east coast rust bucket. Seems like a DIY restoration and paint job that is relatively well done but still needs work in a few areas. Driven over 3000 miles since the new tires were installed in 2019 at 76k miles so it is a driver.
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@kcriley Curious what stopped you from buying it? What does it need based on your inspection? Thanks for posting.
@kcriley Curious what stopped you from buying it? What does it need based on your inspection? Thanks for posting.
Thats a good question, all in all seems a good rig that fits the definition of a "10 footer". A bit more $ than I want to part with at the moment but having said that i think $25k would easily walk away with it. The frame looks clean with only minor surface rust. Clink on the CL link and look closely at the hood up photo 24 and check out the inner front hood corners - typical rust holes that look to have been treated with a rust convertor and then painted over. Also photo 18 shows a body flange with treated rust holes. There is a drivetrain leak that needs to be addressed but otherwise mechanically seemed very good, the engine started right up and ran very smooth at idle with no smoke out the exhaust whatsoever. Closeup on the door skins shows that they are pretty wavy in the lower sections, no bondo just metal skin that needs some hammer & dolly perhaps. Fenders look new and the paint is good on those, the front headlight bezel needs to be sandblasted and repainted as it was orange peel and rattle can white. Interior was really impressive, other than the newish headliner was sagging a bit likely due to the Arizona heritage. The top was perfect and no rust in the rain gutters at all that I detected. Rear ambulance doors were solid, no rust, and it comes with a matching half gate for when the top is removed.
Thanks for the details. Pics look like the tub was painted at a different time from the doors and top. Color looks slightly different to me. It’s tempting but I’m not sure I want to pay that much, but I know the market is nuts. (Sold my taco in my avatar for more than I paid for it new.). Going to have to think on this one, but guessing it won’t last long.

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