Made a wheel sensor bracket

Oct 14, 2020
Charlotte, NC
I am still fighting rust on my #2 rig and once I get some parts, I will be able to get her back together.

The wheel sensor brackets were badly rusted and broke apart upon removal. So I tried my hand at a bit of metal work today. I know, I know. All you professionals will say that it is as ugly as a mud fence. But I am quite proud of my little bracket.

I learnt a few things:
  • The Youtube videos showing folks one-handing an angle grinder for very complex cuts must have A LOT of experience.
  • Bending metal is not all that difficult. Bending it right is a a bit more difficult.
  • Shaping metal with a hammer, small vise, hopes, and dreams takes patience.
IMG_8494 Medium.jpeg
IMG_8495 Medium.jpeg

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