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Oct 23, 2006
Pasadena, CA
Anyone know if the Lynx Gulch (4N18) trail is open since the SR2 reopen?

I've been dying to hit some trails, and was thinking of shooting the following next weekend (Sat 7/2 or Sun 7/3):

Angeles Crest to Upper Big Tujunga Canyon to Lynx Gulch (4N18)

Lynx Gulch is a nice, mostly easy drive with fantastic views. I shoot from Southth to North, because there is a point with a 1.5-2ft shelf, and it's easier to descend than climb.

4N18 runs down past Monte Cristo Mine (posted: private property) and down to the Monte Cristo Campground, or you can continue North and eventually meet up with the Angeles Forest Hwy just before Mt. Gleason - then I take the paved road up Mt. Gleason to Pacific Crest Trail, and take the dirt road from there down to Aliso Canyon Rd.

Depending on the time we start/end, there's some desert track that runs West toward the 14 that I'd like to check out.

Again - I don't know if these trails are currently open/accessible, but for me, it's worth a drive in the mtns to find out.

If anyone knows more, or is interested in coming along to check it out, PM me.

(I hope someone says yes, cause I'm not dumb enough go out by myself!)

-LX Pilot
A quick call on Monday could get the answer. They are only open until 4:30pm M-F. Los Angeles River Ranger District: (818) 899-1900, ext. 221. I might be interested in a nice drive. I will have to look up that trail in the next couple days and see.
Well bummer.

On my way home from a trip to Mojave, I took the opportunity to do some recon - took the Angeles Forest exit off the 14 and came through the mountains.

Monte Cristo Campground is open, but the trail access point was closed. Further south, Upper Big Tujunga Cyn road was closed at Angeles Forest Hwy, so can't actually get to Lynx Gulch.

I'm going to call and see if this condition may change by next weekend, but I kinda doubt it.
On the same call, I'll find out if Rincon Shortcut trail is available...

On the plus side of things, I'm amazed at the regrowth that's occurred in the last 18mos. Of course the trees are gone/charred/bare, but there is lots of green shooting up.

Will report back when I have new info.

-LX Pilot
I have seen that gate off the 39 more time than I can count. Every time I think I need to get the gate code and than I forget until I see it again. Awaiting you report.

And yes I was amazed myself when I went hiking up that way a couple months ago and was very surprised when I found a couple patches of trees that did not burn. You could tell how dense it once was.

4N18 and Upper Big Tujunga Cyn are in the closed area, with no plans to reopen at least through the rest of the year.

Rincon Shortcut is closed until further notice.

Think Little Rock would be worth it?
how sad everything is still closed. Never been to little rock how is it? probably hot this weekend and I would think crowded.

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