LX470 Next Steps

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May 11, 2021
Charleston SC
I bought this one owner, 125k miles 2001 LX470 last summer and have gradually been fixing the typical failures. I repaired all of the dried out speakers, the power antenna, and the hood supports. I got a stack of receipts showing that all of the maintenance is up to date and the AHC works great. I also removed the factory rack and installed a Frontrunner Slimline 2, removed the running boards, and replaced the tires with BFG ATs. This is becoming my daily driver for a while since I am turning in a lease next week.

Question- What upgrades or preventative maintenance would you start with? On my radar is an ARB Front Bumper and a winch but I don't live near any real off-roading so those aren't a need, but more of a want for looks. Thanks for your thoughts.

Brakes - flush with only OEM fluid (was advice given to me by a master mechanic here I think Paul? correct me if I'm wrong). If anything else was used in the past, it can ruin seals, ruin a $2k master cylinder, and short this $375 resistance wire if it gets brake fluid leaked on it over time. Brake fluid may be one of the most important things to keep to OEM standards.
Wheel bearing service. Apparently there is a good thread here on how to do it. Paul wrote it up.
Safety, Reliability, Function and Cosmetic - in this order.
Safety - brakes, tires, retorque all bolts and nuts to factory specs.
Reliability - heater Ts, radiator, transmission fluids, AHC fluid, radiator coolant, WP & TB
Function - bumper as armor, winch (self-recovery), pair of recovery boards, suspension refresh (bushings, joints)
Cosmetic - undercarriage protection

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