lunette thickness and pintle size

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Oct 27, 2004
I'm picking up an M416 in a few days. I'm I'm the process of buying a pintle.

I've heard reports that a 5-ton pintle causes binding in turns. Can someone tell me if this is correct? Also, what is the lunette thickness (material thickness) and what dimension (opening) is your pintle?

Thanks. Pics to follow a hopefully successful recovery.
I have heard some awful sounds when I take mine out of the driveway on an angle.. I guess that could be the binding going on. Not sure about the lunette thickness but I think is about 1½" Pintle is about 2".

So it will be noisy at stops and get-go.

Have you consider this type of coupler?


Im planning on swiching to it when funds allow it...
Adventure Trailers and other places sell them, dont know what's the actual name for it tho'.
Ya. The coupler you speak of is the ultimate solution, but at about $300 (lock-n-roll)

The place I'm picking up my pintle mount has only the 10-ton, so I suppose my options are limited.

Thanks for your info.
Only $200 plus or minus a few bucks direct from mfg. for both sides (ends) I recently got one. very nice!!
I don't think there can be real binding if the lunette is free to rotate (is it on the 416?). Yes, ugly sounds if the pintle and lunette are dry or rusty. A bit of grease or lube should make it happy, though.
i'm picking it up on thursday (m416) unseen but for a few pictures. hope the tires/bearings make a 200mi tow...

My trailer build is a bit backward... i will have a trailer, but not much to tow it with other than the family truckster (Saturn outlook). I figured I'd hone my skills on something less expensive first...
I made really hard turn last year and heard a BIG bang. I thought I still had my rear locker engaged and it blew up but it was the binding of the pintle. It has only happened once in the fifteen years I have had the trailer. If you have the proper spring on the lunette it really is quite quiet.

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