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May 12, 2009
Mesa, Arizona
Hi all, been a lurker for awhile checking out all these awesome trailers, now that I finally have one for my own I have a newbie there a truck/car make that shares the same bolt pattern for rim on a 1967 M-416? I need to get a spare tire for a upcoming trip and didn't want to swap hubs or add wheel spacer adapters. Any help would be appreciated.



I don't know for certain, but I have heard that Ford truck rims will fit the M416.
Ford truck rims that are 5 on 5.5 with a 4" center hole will work just fine. Same pattern as early Jeep.

You can get a brand new white spoke rim for around $25, so don't pay to much for a used rim. I'm running white spoke rims on my M100 and civilian trailers.

Keep in mind that the Ford or white spoke rims will need different lug nuts than the M416 rims, which uses a unique nut. Get a set of five ordinary lug nuts and keep them in the glove box of the tow vehicle.
Thanks guys, couldn't find one in time so a plug kit and some slime were purchased just in case. We just got back from camping and luckily no flats!

Thanks again,

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