Lowrance XOG

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Aug 20, 2004
A balanced city
Looking for any opinions or experience with this GPS....I have searched and found little info and was hoping that someone here has used it and would offer up their opinion...Thanks in advance
Never seen it..... I'll have a look :)
was hoping somone had an opinion....haven't even looked at a gps since my garmin 3plus
Ok I saw it, and it looks good. However the way I feel about things like this is when you have something that tries to do everything, it doesn't do all those things well, usually. I like dedicated instruments for the most part. "Off road" gps, and separate "Street" gps.......

Here's the XOG for those interested:

XOG | Lowrance
That was what I was leaning towrds but need some many other things looking for a little less $$$$ oh well the motto you get what you pay for is always inteh back of my mind...Thanks for all your imput....
Just take it a step at a time. I have thousands of dollars in mods I want to do, and it's going to take me a few years to get it all accomplished. I'd save up and get the 540c if I were you. Don't get in a rush.

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