Low idle and hard start when warm.

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Oct 30, 2005
Well I got my carb to tune in.... or so I thought. I used the lean idle drop method as described in the fsm. My rig ran fine for a while. I took it to town no problem. That evening the wife and I decide to go to dinner. On the way we stop at a light the the idle droped to 500. Barley enough to keep it going. It died on the next light and took lots of cranking to get it going. I had the pedal all the way to the floor to start it. So after doing the gas/brake pedal shuffle I decide to pull over and turn the idle speed screw in a little. I turned it in 2.5 turns and the idle speed didn't change. I looked and the fuel level was and the top of the window but still below the upper peg of the window.
So any ideas?

Prior to this problem I disconnected the pluged the egrvm because it was surging.
My carb fan isn't working, I plan on looking in to that tommarow before football.
Would the fuel cut not be working? It seams to click when power is applied.
I've tried the search but all I come up with is trouble during cold starts. So far I haven't had problems in the morning.
Just to update. I adjusted the level of the carb fuel level so it right smack in the middle of the window. Checked the timing, it was good. Checked all the plugs they were all a nice tan color and had the right gap. Valves are adjusted. Confirmed all the vac hoses were in the right place. (found some mistakes)

It still drops 200 rpm at idle when driven for about 15 min. Bumping the idle speed screw dosen't seam to help. I sprayed carb cleaner around the base of the carb, intake/exhaust manafold and all the vac lines. I found one leak at the bottom of the "T" right above the PCV.
Still have the same problem.
Help. Pleeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssseeeeeeeee
Any ideas? I know you all are a lot smarter than me.
mine had a similar problem. went away with a new gasket under the carb. i jsut bought some gasket material and used the one on the base plate as template.
wait actally this problem i think was my choke adjustment. and it was sticking a little. it was holding the choke closed a little try backing it off
I checked the choke and it is good to go. All the way open till I pull the knob.

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