Loud Clicking sound from behind the dashboard

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May 10, 2011
Hi All,

I haven't contributed much in this forum, but I have found tons of useful info for my SUV. great forum.

I own a 2005 Land Cruiser Cygnus (same as a LX470, but Japanese domestic model).

Last few weeks my SUV suddenly starts making a very loud clicking noise from the top rear side of the dashboard towards the middle maybe slightly towards the right side. Sounds like a large relay switching On and Off (but very loud).

I noticed it generally gets triggered when I press the horn or flash headlights. However it does sometimes come on randomly (maybe when I go over a bump and AHC works). The noise lasts for 20 - 1min. Lately I noticed the duration is increasing.

trying desperately to find the cause of the sound, a repair for it.

I even went under the dashboard once when the noise was on and was not able to trace it. sounded like the back of the A/C fan ventilation system.

Any help will be great. thanks.
The noise is there even if the blower fan is switched off. Any thought?
WHere is the ac fan and the 3 screws? Under the glove box?

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