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Sep 10, 2007
Cedar Falls, IA
I am looking for factory toyota rims 16" or bigger and factory Landcruiser springs if anyone has any they would want to get rid of or knows of any for sale within a reasonable distance (ie-within the state of Iowa). Thanks!
What year for the springs? I've got some '97 coils if that is what you need.

The lexus coils will ride nicer than the LC coils too. I tossed mine a couple years ago when I did my lift, or you could've had mine.

Tony's should fit the bill nicely though.

I have heard ( and have no supporting evidence ) that they are of a lighter spring rate than the LC coils. - thus the nicer ride I was talking about.

As for wheels, I like the tundra 17's, but they don't usually come cheap.

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