looking for some route/camping tips

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Mar 25, 2009
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I'm taking my 14 yr old nephew and 3 yr old son on a week long trip through the mountains of Western NC/ East TN and was hoping to get some good info on routes or good tent camping areas.

Will be in a fairly built 80 so dirt is best for routes (nothing too difficult because I will be solo with a 3yr old).

Really just want to bum around for a week and see what there is to see; stay on all back roads as much as possible and camp in quiet spots.

I was originally thinking of spending some time in the GSMNP but have heard that it will be packed.

I appreciate any suggestions y'all might have.

Wish i could help you but i got nothing. Would love to get over there more but just not in the cards.

There is a guy named Boone on here that could help though i think. Probably more to just the only one i can think of right now.

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