Looking for Hoop Shock Mounts

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Nov 23, 2012
Southern Maine
I have seen at some point a YT member that I thought made custom Hoop Shock Mounts that could be used with the FJ-60 Power Steering modification, but can not seem to find the name again. It was somewhere in Western NH I thought. Also looking for some additional parts to complete my PS parts package. I have a Pump and steering box but none of the parts from the firewall to the steering box, Rag joint etc... I want to keep my stock steering wheel and column if possible and not use the FJ-55 column.

I have a 12/72 FJ-40 with a soon to be re-built 2F from a 1985 FJ-60. I will also be adding the knuckles from the donor FJ-60 as well and want to really push and get the PS in as well before the weather really begins to change.

If anyone has the parts and more importantly the experience making this modification I would really like to connect. Thanks.
I have the hoops you are talking about, shop in Troy made them for me but he is no longer in business.
These are the same thing, pretty cheap really.
There was a really good write up in Toyota Trails many years ago by Mark Whatley.
You will need a pillow block bearing for the firewall, 2 u joints and a shaft to run from the steering column to the steering box.
I used the u-joint and shaft from the 60 series box, either made it longer or shorter (can't remember right now) so that it fit between the
box and column.
Ok, thanks. I will keep looking for the other parts as well. My understanding is that with the hoops you don't need to cut up your inner fenders as much. Thanks again.
What size tires do you have? Do you really need 60 series PS? Mini-truck is an easier install.
I wouldn't recommend the mini truck steering if you plan on anything bigger than 33's. Learn from my mistake, did the mini, switched to the 60 box and it can still be almost impossible to turn when on the trail. wish I had gone Saginaw. Front locker and 36"s

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