Looking for an FJ45

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Mar 23, 2008
Found one right here in Tucson. Curious if I can get some feedback on the average price you (anyone) thinks an FJ45 is worth? I went, I looked, I saw the following: 64 SWB, originally Red, now Tan; upgraded disc (all the way around); rebuilt 2F with toyota 5spd (believe it came out of an 80s 55 - not real sure, but I think; power steering (gm - I think). Looks like some rust is strating to come through on the bed (similar to all FJ40 rear crossmember - I noticed the cross member extends up the side of the bed on the 45 - learned something). It has the original seats, need to be reworked. Downey Fuel Injection put on at some point. For now that is all I can think of...

Again trying to get an idea of what old 45s are worth? I've seen a couple around here and the prices have been all over the place? Please give me your thoughts.

Thanks in advance.
Wow, without pictures- it's really hard to know what to tell you. From your description it sounds like anywhere between $5000 and $10,000. Any way you can get some specific pictures of the engine, axles, and overall body condition?

First time uploading pictures...we'll see if it works. Thanks for the reply.
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FJ45 For Sale & Back Cross Member

Yes that is the FJ45 that I'm looking at...and actually drove.

The cross member right below the drop down tailgate is the "piece" I'm referring to. It looks like there are a few locations that rust is starting to come through the bed (all the way around the bed). Not fun to replace..I just replaced this piece on my fJ40.
Hard to say about price in the current economy, but I would still be suprised to see it sell for under $15,000. You would have considerably more in it than that if you bought an FJ45 in average condition and did all the upgrades he has done to that one. I would guess he would have all of $20,000+ in it. Good luck if you buy it- it looks very nice.


Looks like a nice ride, fixed cab isn't the best for tall folks vs. removable top.. Don't overextend yourself and end up have to take a loss later. Often you can buy a rig with lots of upgrades for less than it would cost to do yourself or especially to pay someone to do.. Good Luck!

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