SOLD Looking for a nice driving 70-75 FJ40 in stock form, SoCal

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Vehicle Model
  1. 40 Series
Hello! I had posted here previously, but my quest for the right truck has expanded a bit so I've decided to delete the old post and recreate it here.

I live in Santa Monica, CA and am searching for a strong running FJ40 ideally in the Southern California region or on the west coast in general. For the perfect truck I'm willing to travel and/or ship from further out, but would probably want to make arrangements to come see it first.

After driving a few different configurations I've determined that I'm pretty flexible on the year and spec I'd consider, but do have a fairly specific idea of what kind of conditioned truck I want.
(TL;DR: fairly clean with some light patina, stock look, currently running and driving)

---Targeting '70-'75. Definitely no later than that due to California smog regulations on '76+ models. I would also consider '68 or '69 though if they have been upgraded with a dual reservoir master cylinder and a brake booster.

---Mechanically healthy for the most part and ready for the road. Needing some love and refinement is certainly expected and welcome, but I'm not looking for a major project. I'd hope to be able to drive it home if in SoCal.

---Relatively stock look and feel: must have a hard top, no diamond plating, no cut rear fenders, no V8s.

---Clean and cosmetically decent, but some patina is welcome. As rust free as possible of course.

---Open to any transmission type: 3-on-the-tree, 3 on the floor, 4-speed.

---Budget is around $20-$25k.

Bonus wish-list items: has 2F, has OEM roll bar, has some documented history behind it (for nostalgia's sake), is either Freeborn Red, Rustic Green, Royal (or Cadet) Blue, Mustard Yellow, or Dune Beige.

Thanks for your time, I appreciate it! I am very much looking forward to becoming a first time Land Cruiser owner. I also have a 1971 BMW 2002 and am excited to bring even more vintage fun into my life.

I'm now marking this thread as sold, as I've bought a rig!

1972, won it on Bring A Trailer being sold by Mohr Imports out of Monterey, CA. I flew in to pick it up, and drove it back home 380 miles via every scenic backroad I could find. Truck performed perfectly and has set a fantastic precedent for the future to come. It really is exactly what I've been after, so am super stoked to finally call myself a Land Cruiser owner and look forward to all kinds of fun to come!


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