Looking for a 90* rotated shock eye mount

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Sep 23, 2004
I did a chevy spring swap on my '86 mini and still using the stock shock mounts. The shocks I'm using still have about 2" of compression when the springs are bottomed. I'm looking for a shock mount that will turn 90* and add about 1-2" in lenght. I pretty much found what I want to try but it's listed on a Japanese site for a 80 series land cruiser. Anyone know where I might find one or would I need to have it custom made?

Here's a pic of the Japanese item to give a better idea of what I'm looking for:

Pro Comp uses the same thing on the rear shocks on a FJ Cruiser 5.5 in kit call em and get the part number you can order just the bag with them in it . :grinpimp:
Thanks, good info! I went out and did some flexing in the creek bed, come to find out these adapters I'm looking for wouldn't be much help. I flexed the rear with and without shocks attached and noticed that the binding of the shocks would probably not improve with these adapters. With the shocks as is I loose about 1" on compression and extention, I think I can live with that. But since these adapters may be easy to obtain I might look into it for s&g.
I had to laugh when I saw that pic. We just made 5 sets of these plus mounts for the top of the rears and tops and bottoms for the fronts. Lots of time spent fussing with stuff. Those rear lowers do really nice though and actually do rotate on the original stud mount, so the shock was moving through it's length really smoothly.
rear lower mount.jpg

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