Wanted Looking for a 2F

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Apr 1, 2007
Denton, TX
I may be picking up 40 next week but the motor is blown. Looking for a decent motor to put in. Preferably one with low miles and was running when pulled from your truck. The cruiser I might be getting is a '78, not that it matters much.

Email- glowingreen01nf@aol.com

I have two you can choose from one is higher mileage with a blown HG but ran awesome anyway. And the other is lower mileage, but puffs a bit of blue smoke but seems to run strong.

Just let me know. One is located in Rolla, MO and the other is located in Van Buren, MO.

I have a rebuilt 2f just sitting in the garage. Was part of a deal I made for a cruiser .
Still haven't found one that is either close enough or low enough miles. Looking for one in Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, or East Texas with less than 100k (best case scenario). If you know of one or have one, please let me know.

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