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Oct 19, 2006
I have a 69 FJ-40 that I've had for 19 years, but by this weekend may add a 78 Pig to my collection.

A guy here in Tucson has 3 78 Pigs, and 2 of them are for sale. The one I'm favoring is pretty well stock, with a 2F, and in fairly good shape bodywise. The Manufacture date was June 1978, and I notice the tail lights are different than the other 2, one of which was manuf. in Jan 78, and the other in April 78. What are the other differences, if any, between the early and late ones?

The Apr 78 one has been lifted, and has a shackle reversal kit on it. It also has a 2nd gas tank. However, the real interesting thing about it was the engine. It had an engine number of 00267, and had a 3F sticker on the valve cover. However, it was carbureted.
BTW, if anyone is interested, he is wanting $4,500 OBO for this one, and I think its worth it.

I have the guy's name and phone if anyone is interested. I'm probably buying the other one this weekend.

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