Longtime Land Cruiser Lover New rig Looking for New Friends

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Jun 18, 2013
Hi Everyone,

I have a BJ-60 that I have had for about a year now but have just recently got it up to daily driving standards (a whole lot of money later). I would like to join TLCA and meet some cruiser-heads and learn as much as possible. I would like to learn how to work on my rig, and thought that TLCA would be a good place to start the learning process. I go back in forth between LA and OC so is there a particular group I should join? Are there other diesel cruiser drivers out there? If someone could give me advice on how to join and what steps are involved it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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My calendar says there's a TLCA meeting this Saturday in Huntington Beach. SoCal TLCA chapter. Look for posts from TemboTusk.
Thanks For the Info unfortunately I work this weekend I will keep looking for post from TemboTusk. Do I just simply show up?
Yes - I've been meaning to for years and have never gotten around to it. I'm actually in town starting this weekend and am going to try to remember!
Thanks for the help Brentbba I will keep a look out hope to meet you at one of the meetings.

Cheers, Brandon

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