Locked 96 LX450 for sale in NC

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United States
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Nice LX, are you flexible at all on the price? My wife really likes the Landcruisers/LX450s. Also can you post a pic of the rust spot and the front bumper? Thanks
Are you interested in a modified 94?
Alrighty, I'll send them downrange tonight.....

Can you send a few more pics in and out? Is the price negotiable?

Revised price to 8900.
In those records, has the head gasket been replaced yet? Looks good. I may be in the market real soon, and i love the color.

I need to dig through them. The documentation is incredible, he paid for all these services at the Lexus dealership and paid $56k for the truck in 1996.


Revised price to $8700.
Anyone - Bueller?

I am dropping the price to $8400. This would be a great truck to build up.

Thanks for looking.

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Did you find an answer to the head gasket question? What about the front end...rebuilt?
The records do not show a head gasket being replaced. I did not look for the front end rebuild. I will check tonight.
rust spot and bumper

put up some pics of the bumper and rust spot

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