Local shop to re-gear

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May 30, 2012
NE California
I picked up a set of Auburn Pro Series L/S's from 4 Wheel Parts Wholesale and saved about $300 on the pair.

I would like to have my FJ62 re-geared and the L/S installed.

Is there a local shop who will do the swap? My concern is that the rear ring gear required grinding to install the cross pin with the new gears. Is this a common procedure or will a shop tell me it can't be done?

I use Bayshore Truck (by Summit Racing) for all of my diff work. They do big, over-the-road truck stuff so Cruiser diffs are no big deal for them. They are quick and their prices are fair, plus they do little details like smoothing each gear tooth to ensure that they run quiet and cool that most shops don't take the time to do.
The gear guy at bayshore is great, they were backed up when I needed my dana 80 done ( I didn't want to do it) he gave me some setup shims and some tips. Warning they like doing them out of the truck, if you pull them then it's a lot cheeper and quicker, now is a good time, when the snow melts they get swamped quick...

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