lj 78 2lte rough starting sorted out

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Jan 9, 2015
Hi there , firstly would like to thanks contributors to the forum as all of them ve make it easy for me to understand my lj78 1992 prado . secondly would share my experience with finding and repairing of bad starting and misfiring in 2lte.symptoms were
1.first start in morning I would give 3 pre heat cycles through ign switch
2.after 3times clank of preheat relay it would crank longer but will start with lot of white smoke and would misfire for 30 secs and will keep missing in less intensity for five mins
3.after moving it I could see white smoke in my left rear view mirror
4.checked Ecu .Tps other sensors fuel line etc all good

Finally took it to work shop to check tappet clearance as narrowed it already by all other aspects tappets on No 3 No 4 piston were found excessively tight readjusted with new shims and a bit of advancing of fuel pump and drove back home.
Next morning first crank with 2 preheat cycles on ign and it started effortless with almost O smoke.
Good for you, thanks for sharing your experience.

I also advanced my pump a bit this winter (after I did a reseal on it), and it made a nice improvement to cold start. I think Toyota retarded the injection timing on these engines on purpose to reduce NOx emissions in Japan. Unfortunately, this is not good for performance/efficiency.

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