little bolt under accelerator?

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Aug 17, 2005
What is the function of that bolt under the accelerator? what will happen if i lower it all the way? right now it's about 3/4 out.

It's supposed to be adjusted to just before WOT is what I was told recently when I asked the same thing. I did give my pedal a bit more throw and did see a performance improvement.
The bolt is there to so you don't damage/bend anything when your smashing down on the pedal trying to impress the ladies. ;)
I removed mine and bent my pedal down alittle to make more room. Its a lot more comfortable driving long distance now.
i dont know but you should remove it and let us know what happens when YOU do it now:flipoff2:
Oh I thought it was the turbo boost.

Whot is WOT?? :confused:
Wide Open Throttle....and.....don't do it man, don't touch that bolt, the world as we all know it will come to an end.
you want the pedal to have a stop before the linkage at the carb stops. That way you do not wear out the carb linkage or stress the butterfly.

You would adjust that bolt so that you get maximum movement at the carb. Then raise the bolt so that the force is taken into the floor not the carb...

make sense?
It wasn't openin the Ark that did this....he touched the bolt...

So I guess... no touch the bolt! Thanks for the response.:bounce2:

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