light/medium duty roof baskets

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Apr 13, 2006
vansterdam, BC
so im looking for a roof basket. i really want a full length one, but nothing crazy like an african outback which are nice, but way more than im wanting to spend, and i wont be putting thousands of pounds of gear up there. just lightweight bulky items like a tent, canopy, 4 or 5 camping chairs, sleeping bags, and maybe a folding table & 1 or 2 jerry cans. will probably attach a shovel & hi-lift as well. dont want to spend more than a few hun.

ive got 4 58" thule loadbars to spread it out on over the full length of the roof. this should be suffice i thinks.

so far ive been looking at a surco, which from what ive read isnt too strong, but doable for my purposes. 45X60 is the one ive been looking at from summit, but a bit on the small side. they also have a 50X70. is the riveted construction strong enough to handle the forest roads etc?

next is the megawarrior, with extension.

also read about BVG + extension. Also rola baskets, and the valley industries from cabelas...both with extensions.

any opinions about the BVG, valley industries, and the rola's? i like their design better than the surco's...but is the quality better/stronger?

the ones with extensions are i can extend as needed. but then i was also thinking about getting 2 standard sized ones, instead of an extension and doubling up.

what are you guys using?
I have seen these before online, they look nice.
Paintlab: INTI roofracks

I believe the rig was in Overland Journal of 4WD Toyota Owner too with the rack on it.
Maybe not...



Then there is Garvin racks.
Garvin Industries

Garvin Industries

More pics of the first rack can be seen here.
INTI roofrack for LC's - Expedition Portal Forums
Might need to check the load capacity of what ever you look at. Two 5 gal gas cans is gonna be 80# ax/shovel 10# my high lift must weigh 40#, tent even a small one is 5# unless a ultralight.. sleeping bags, chairs, canopies....
(firewood, Gen set, TEEVEE, microwave...pretty soon you'll at least need four cross bars if your using tule or yakama..) Does not sound like you should go any lighter than the Tule and Yakama "Megga Warrior" weight of rack... Just a thought

I use a big ski box..won't carry chairs or fuel, but all my soft stuff goes up there. The box is less drag I guess is the big instead of getting 9-12mpg I can get 9.5-12.5!!
thanks for the input guys. i lost out on a bid for a megawarrior + extension. was also looking at the baja racks which look very stout...alas

i ended up scoring a yakima skybox 18 for $60 :eek:. so ill see how this works out for the time being. its big, but wont be able to hold the fuel cans & folding table. oh well..those will go inside. anyway, 18 cubic feet of aerodynamic, dry, locked, and dust free cargo space for sixty bucks cant be all that bad. i can probably put a long narrow basket beside 80 rooftop offers lots of storage real estate!


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