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Mar 22, 2007
San Ramon, CA
Most likely the 1st thing, beside tires, that im going to d with my FZJ80 is to lift it, most likely a 4" lift...

This is where i hate to be the newbie :eek:

When looking for the things to lift my car what would you need?

Suspension, shocks (are those both the same thing?) springs
or do the kits on slee have everything you need to lift your rig.

Also, not wanting to screw something up while lifting it, how do you go about getting your rig lifted with out being raped by the prices the auto mechanics charge you for parts, can you bring your own stuff?



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Oct 27, 2003
uhhhh...duh...Northern CA
have you read the FAQ yet?

you can find it here
Apr 3, 2006
Littleton, CO
Do yourself a favor and call Slee direct and talk with them re: your plans for the 80 and what they suggest.

It is a huge step $$ wise from the 2.5" OME setup to the 4" Slee kit, mostly because of the additional to do's when lift an 80 that much. Do you really need that? As for getting the lift installed, Slee may know of a shop in your area but if not, post up a thread asking for suggestions on reputable shops in your area. You have to take into consideration the complexity of the lift and the time it will take to install and what labor rates are in your area.

I was sort of set on the 4" Slee lift originally but decided the 2.5" OME heavy lift would better suit me and my wallet :) I drove a rig with the Slee 6" lift and it was WAY more than I wanted for a daily driver that may see 3-4 off road trips a year.

Oh, and x2 on the FAQs, not to mention the search function. Lifts have been discussed on many occassions. Once you done the research then you may need to post up some more specific questions but you'll have a basis from which to start.
Sep 19, 2006
El Paso TX
definatley call slee. they will get you set straight. the OME 2.5 has been wonderful and real good on my wallet. as for install, the OME is pretty straight forward. HAPPY LIFTING!:cheers:

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