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Jul 28, 2012
I just bought a 60 series and its making a noisy ticking, my first thought was LIFTERS. I checked over it and replaced the oil and filter, oil pressure and vacuum is fine and just gave it the full service yesterday. The ticking gets louder and quicker with throttle and is constant, and am pretty sure its the lifters. Does anyone know if this is the problem or could something else cause this? :confused:
First thing I would do is a rocker adjustment. Rockers can make a lot of noise.
start it up cold and go over all the joints/mating surfaces of the exhuast from head/manifold, down the will prolly find at least a couple of spots where you will feel puffs of exhaust gasses escaping the pipe. an exhaust leak will act as you have described, so will lash adjustment. Both should be checked every so often as matter of PM.
forgot to mention that the fuel pump can also make a tickin noise, as can a worn cam gear.....
The 3FE in my 62 made a ton of noise until I adjusted the valve clearance. Now once its warmed up, the injector clicking is louder than the valves at idle.
88 fj62, x2 on valve adjustment. It still ticks a little until warm then just injector noise...

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