lifter noise

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Feb 12, 2006
Oahu, Hawaii
So my dad just gave me his fj60. Been in the garage since new. I can't believe it! In any case I normally work on vw's so this motor is new to me. There is lifter noise what are my options? does this motor have hydraulic lifters or can I just pull the valve cover and ajust them? If so what are the specs? What is the best book on the market for specs on these LCs and who has the best price so I can hit the ground running! Thanks, Andy :)
factory service manual is the best source for any reliable inf. lifters are supposed to make a little noise
the fsm you can get the whole thing from cruiserdan here on the boards. pm him or look in the vendor section i believe hes in there. he gives discounts to us on parts. he works for american toyota
also use hte search function if noones around to answer direct questions. there is a literal sea of info on here about EVERYTHING.
They are solid. Get the FSM and follow the instructions to adjust them to Spec.


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