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Jul 3, 2017
Kamloops, B.C., Canada
Good day, everyone: I've got an 77 FJ40 2F I've been working on -- replaced the cam and lifters a while back -- put about 1000 miles on since then --truck runs really well, idles nicely, lots of power. Was replacing the valve seals the other day and thought I'd go a little further and take a look at the lifters - all look pretty normal except the #12 (against the firewall). I've enclosed two pictures of the same lifter in different light - hopefully they arrive - I'm looking for some experienced observations: do you think I have a problem beginning or is this normal wear? A local 'authority' thinks that at break-in the lifter might not have initially rotated (thus the dreaded 'bow-tie'), and then it got going and started making the 'halo'. The lifter face is still convex and perfectly smooth: no ridges or roughness felt across the surface. I would really appreciate any and all opinions - thanks!


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