Life Expectancy for Bilstein Shocks?

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Sep 7, 2008
The Rotten Apple
My Bilsteins are about 6 years old with 85K on them (divided about 50% between highway driving with a full crew of 5 vs. city driving with me alone.) It seem the ride is a bit looser than it was a few years ago - could the Bilsteins be wearing out?
Front IFS is original, as is one side of the rear springs - other side was replaced due to an accident. Since one rear spring is new and the other isn't, the vehicle "leans" towards the side with the old spring. Since I am going to replace the old spring shortly to even things out, I'm wondering if I should replace the front and rear shocks as well.
Not to minimize the work involved in replacing the rear shocks (I have the scraped knuckles to prove it), since you'll need to remove the shocks from their lower attachment point to get enough axle droop to remove the stock springs, you may as well replace the shocks while you're in there. At least this is how I explained it to my CFO.

The reason I asked about the other suspension components and bushings is that some of the "looseness" you're feeling could be from worn out sway bar bushings.
RobRed, I'm going to replace the sway bar bushings on my own 100 while doing some related rear suspension work. Referring to your link (I'm a registered user), how difficult is it to replace the "Sway Bar Bush" (90385-11021) at the end of the arm, and does the "Sway Bar Spacer" (90560-10275) need to be replaced too?

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