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Dec 11, 2020
Atlanta, GA
Hello all,

Im the owner of a 1972 fj40. Its a bit of a hack job from the previous owner and will need a new engine. Since it's a hack job, I'm not really concerned with keeping it stock. Right now it has a trashed sbc in it and I dont event know what transmission. I'm pretty sure it has the stock toyota transfer case. My engine is trashed and I'm trying to find out what I want to swap in it. I know everyone has a bunch of opinions but what I'm deciding between is a 5.3 vortec, 4bt diesel, or something else? The 4bt I have my eyes on would have to be rebuilt(what else would I need to modify to make this work?), the 5.3s are plentiful and around 115,000 miles. Any advice on which I should do/where I should look for a engine to swap.

Also a different crazy idea is I found a very cheap, brand new 2016 Camaro engine ( 3.5L LGX V6 ) thats been sitting for 3 years. The owner wrecked his car with less than 1000 miles on it and has let the engine and transmission sit since then. Is this a pipe dream of a swap? I've only had the fj for a few months so really looking for some knowledgeable help with this decision.

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