For Sale Lexus SC400 w/ 66k on the clock

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United States
I had an SC400 drop in my lap last month, so I picked it up thinking I might enjoy daily driving something other than my 40 for a change. Nope. :)
It's a 1992 and its cherry. The interior is near mint, the outside is straight (one ding), has 18" chrome wheels (yeah I know) pretty new tires, etc.
Looking at the maintenance records, battery, alt, starter, coils, all new.
Outside color is kind of gold, and inside is tan leather and cherry. It's actually a very sweet ride, but not my style here in CO.
The suspension is so firm that the road bumps are bothering my back (old injury).

What else? The climate control LCD is perfect, the backlight in night mode has two burned out bulbs.
Radio is pretty dated. It sounds like the left side barely works. I have not looked into why.

It has just a tick over 66k on the odometer. Original Colorado car, but never driven in winter. Always garaged. Amazing condition for a Lexus version of a Toyota Supra.
Asking $7500. I have seen these go with this kind of miles for 10k on ebay, but I really don't like ebay. Hate them really.
Sounds nice. Would like to see some pics when you get a chance...

Dang, that is a nice car especially with the V8. Extremely rare to find one of these in conditions like this. Wish I had a reason to own one! Good luck, very reasonable asking price.
More pics
Offers? None? yeah, I know, not the drifting crowd on this forum. :)
While I understand your point, that's like saying good luck rock crawling an 80 with it's running boards and rear overhang. We buy them and modify them per intended purpose. People look for clean examples with low miles to start with which is all this is. :)
I love that motor. That may be one of Toyota's (Lexus) best motors ever made. A nice compact V8 that has great power to weight due to the all aluminum block.

I have been searching for a wrecked SC 400 or lx 400 for a while now to put into a 60 series my dad owns.

Great car there, someone will buy it.
PM me your best, no BS price and if I can do it you will be paid tomorrow...In spite of what the clowns on this board say.

The no BS price is what's listed. That's KBB price. I've only had it for sale (on the wrong kind of forum) for a couple days. No way am I ready to take it in the shorts to sell. Heck, I like the car, it's hot out, and it's the only thing I own with bitchen A/C in it! Should it be my commuter car everyday? Nope, and that's the reason it has to go. I feel bad parking it in front of my house where the sprinklers get it wet every morning. It's too darn nice not to be in the garage, (which it has been for the last 20 years until this month) and I'm not moving the 45 pickup out to make room. :cheers:
You want the car? You can bid and see what happens. Lexus : SC 400 Lexus : SC 400 | eBay

If it doesn't sell, then meh, I drive it for the summer and sell it later.
1978HJ45 said:
"Oh, that's right....You live in the south." ........ Don't blame the South....I live there and I am a h*ll of a nice guy.

I don't. Heh, I was born in SC, raised in GA, and recently moved here from NC. But I still make fun of my friends wives that say that.

Okay, seriously, about the car. WNC, you never actually made an offer, you led with asking me to cut to the bone and have me "offer" the bottom price. Don't be offended I wouldn't play the game. You know my asking price, you laughed at the starting bid. Obvious it's not the car for you. That's ok. You are a dealer and want to make money, and I have a lot in it. It's not going to work out for a win-win. My price is fair RETAIL and so is the reserve. I'm not in this to make money, but I'm not in it to lose money either.
Sold! Thx for looking

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