For Sale Leftover FJ40 parts

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Jun 29, 2011
SO CAL/Ventura county
Hello Mud,

I have some stuff for the FJ40 I sold that I never used.

I have the original distributior that I replaced with a trollhole. 75$ 40$ + ship

New specter bikini rail for top of windshield. 20$ shipped

New ignition switch with keys 50$ 10$ =ship

New door locks, gotta see if I can find keys. 5$ + shipped

Misc door parts, pins, and screws and a door catch, I think was driver side 40$ for all that stuff. got someone interested in this stuff. Gotta follow up.

Fresh pull cable and knob 75$ 40$ = Shipping

I also have a Conn-Ferr auxiliary gas tank and holder for under the rear deck. I never used it. It is used and looks to be in good condition. I paid $$$$$ for this. I also have some fuel line and a K&N fuel pump for it..... 300$ 250$ for all. pick up best, I paid a bunch to have it shipped when I bought it. into this tank stuff about 375$ 250$ come get it.

Pretty sure thats all I have....

Let me know....

All prices plus shipping.
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Also have a old cast high lift 100$

Price drop 50$ come get it.

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Ignition switch was bought new for my 1970 so should work for years close to that.....not sure exactly
I have someone interested in all the door parts. If he doesn't take them.....ill let you know.
I removed the distributor from my old 1970 FJ40. Heres a few more pics

It ran perfect.

Bump. Still have this stuff. Looking to get rid of it ASAP. lowered all prices.

ANY takers?
How much for the pedal rubbers plus shipping to 91311? What is the rubber hoses for and how much?

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