Lefthand Canyon Boulder CO

Sep 13, 2006
Parker, CO
A quick summery. Me and a friend who has never wheeled his truck before headed up to Boulder (lefthand canyon) on Monday. The snow was melting and it was very muddy the first half up. Took it slow were it was shelf road. We finally got to a decent obstacle were I made it with some locking help but because of my size I was close to scraping the top. My buddy in his stock 93 p/u could not even come close. The following are videos of me going up then back down since both trucks wouldn't make it. We played in the mud a bit then went to Carnage to go as far as we could. Turned out not far at all after I smacked a tire and blow the side wall. With our only spare being used we turned back and called it a day. All the truck beating has caught up to me, this weekend I must fix 2 tires, a sticking break caliper, and a boiling radiator. All part of the game. Enjoy the pics and vids.






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